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Wanda and Cosmo -FOP- by agent-indigo Wanda and Cosmo -FOP- by agent-indigo
Wanda and Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents! Woo-hoo. Don't worry everyone, as soon as I get back from the Funny Farm, I'll start drawing anime again. Right now I'm just goofing off.

Okay, I know they're bigger than they should be. I chose to do them in a semi-Danny Phantom style for a few reasons:
1. it's easier for me to draw
2. they look more mature that way, which works for the context of the pic
and 3. very honestly, if I had drawn them their normal size they're heads would have been too big and Wanda's arms couldn't reach around Cosmo's neck without breaking their natural proportions

Now it's time for my rant!
I really like Wanda and Cosmo because it's so rare nowadays that you see functional married couples without kids on TV. Either the couple is on the verge of divorce or they have kids so they can't be. But Wanda and Cosmo truly love each other even though Cosmo's a moron, which shows great commitment on Wanda's part. And they aren't constantly making mean jokes about each other behind the other's back. And let's face it, that sets a good example for Timmy.
[End of rant]

Oh, yeah, and I apologize for the lame background. Full view please.

Done in Photoshop Elements.
This picture inspired by [link] by anniemae04 Go see it! It's better than mine!
Cosmo and Wanda and Fairly Odd Parents (c) Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon
This image (c) Me! Don't steal!!
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julayyz Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
its soooo awesomley well done x) :clap: i agree 100000000000000% with you on that.. its great that cosmo and wanda share such a strong love for each other :D cute pic ^0^
nyah~ go cosmo!! :love: he looks like the cute adorable moron he is in that pic =3
SkysongMA Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2005  Student Writer
Heheh... it's cute... Fairly Oddparents is so sweet that way. :+favlove:
nintendomaximus Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2004
I'm with you. Cosmo & Wanda are one of the best TV married couples I've ever known. You should see the Animated Couples page I made for them. [link]
Anyway, nice pic. I like the lipstick stain Wanda has left on Cosmo.
DarkJaymz Featured By Owner May 24, 2004
hehe Cosmo seems a lil dazed/speachless from her lil kiss :D but then again who wouldnt from Wanda ^__^
animegurl21 Featured By Owner May 24, 2004  Student
Aw, that's adorable! Cosmo looks so goofy :heart: Love it. :D
agent-indigo Featured By Owner May 24, 2004
Aw, thanks! :hug:
animegurl21 Featured By Owner May 25, 2004  Student
Your welcome! :hug:
AllanaTaligon Featured By Owner May 23, 2004
kawaii!! :heart: kawaii!!

i totaly agree with your rant!! :nod: good thing to see! :nod:

i like the style you did this in.
podglet Featured By Owner May 22, 2004
Heheheheh!! Everyone loves,
Unnatural hair colours!
dragondefender Featured By Owner May 21, 2004
You certainly have a lot on your mind Karin!!! I agree completely about why you drew this. It really is a crying shame that married couples don't stick to their vows!!!
Naikuu Featured By Owner May 20, 2004
hahahaa, this rocks. i <3 the FOP
sharyamato Featured By Owner May 20, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This show is the only one I have been able to stand on Nick as of late><
Very cute idea. I agree totally with your rant:nod:
so cute^^
moondroplet Featured By Owner May 20, 2004  Hobbyist
This is too adorable!
dx-sz Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
aww, this is adorable! i luff that show! :aww: great job!
SilverSkye Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
I never really thought about it, but I totally agree with your rant! :thumbsup: They are a really cute fun couple!! Finally love without all that serious drama, eh? :giggle: Seems like a lot of stories, in an attempt to be different, become tragic somehow, ya know? Not that that is bad all the time, but I see completely where you are coming from on the couple thing. Nice to know it can work w/o kids, eh? ^^;

And this picture is super kawaii! :D Love the style you chose to do it in! Aweee!! The love!

Great coloring too! Fits good with the show!
sorathegreat Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
ahh fairly odd parents ^^ kewlz`
Doncamiel Featured By Owner May 19, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
COSMO!!! *glomps*
That's so true Indigo! How many times do you see a happily married couple, and they've had like fight? Lucy and Ricky had more than that! This is such an awsome picture...:+fav:
agent-indigo Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
Aw thanks. :hug:
iceprincess7 Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
I think the background looks just fine! I love the heart. Great job. :clap:
BettyKwong Featured By Owner May 19, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
really cool! ^^ i love that show it's so funny! nice colouring!! :3
mst3kgeek Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
yes indeed. fairly odd parents is quite rockin =)
MeefTime Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
^_^ Aww that's so cute! I love Cosmo and Wanda! They're such a happy and cute couple! XD and it makes Timmy happy too :heart:
Otsuyu Featured By Owner May 19, 2004
Wai! I love the Fairly Odd Parents. ^.^
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